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Album includes CD & DVD.

Album Release Date:
 November 6, 2007

what the critics are saying

“Exciting and poignant. The raw vitality and rampaging creativity underscore how much we've lost from his early death”
–San Francisco Chronicle

“A doozy...paints an incredible portrait of an artist full of talent, humor and ambition.”
–Oakland Tribune

“With full family participation, a fantastic booklet of information, interview excerpts and personal information, in addition to the lyrics, this is very special indeed. Then there are the discs. Well, pull up a chair and get out the tissues. * * * * *”

Jonathan Sings Larson
Special Deluxe CD / DVD Package

Jonathan Larson’s career was brief and intense. Like the characters he created so vividly for his Pulitzer Prize-winning Rent, Larson radiated a great vitality and sense of purpose. Engaging and warmly gregarious, he also possessed a sharp wit and keen sense of irony. JONATHAN SINGS LARSON uses Larson’s own demo recordings (for which he used the newly-evolving mediums of computer and keyboard synthesizer to create performances far more elaborate than the usual songwriter piano-vocal demos) to reveal the range and gifts of a songwriter who was just fully realizing his potential at the time of his death. Besides familiar numbers from Rent and tick, tick…BOOM! included are several songs that have not been widely heard, songs that further showcase Larson’s gift for inventive melody, character and novel situation.

Also included: a bonus DVD with four video tracks from his November 25, 1991 performance at New York’s Village Gate.

track listing
CD Selections:
  1. One of These Days
  2. LCD Readout
  3. All I Know
  4. London Faces
  5. Break out the Booze
  6. Boho Days
  7. Therapy
  8. See Her Smile
  9. Find the Key
  10. Louder than Words
  11. Intro / Tune Up 1
  12. One Song Glory
  13. Valentine’s Day
  14. La Vie Boheme
  15. Seasons of Love
  16. Finale B

DVD Selections:

  1. 30/90
  2. Johnny Can’t Decide
  3. Sunday
  4. Why

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