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Album Release Date:
 October 25, 2005

what the critics are saying

“From beginning to end, the wit is sophisticated and funny, and Sondheim's performances are remarkably assured.”
–San Francisco Chronicle

“You're getting a song just out of the gate. You're becoming acquainted with a Broadway master not long after the throes of creation, singing songs somewhere between the first-draft stage and the Broadway stage.”
–Chicago Tribune


Sondheim Sings, Volume II

The second volume of SONDHEIM SINGS, like the first volume, includes newly remastered demos from the composer-lyricist's private collection. It comes with a 40-page color booklet containing full lyrics, personal photographs, and copies of Sondheim's manuscripts. In the San Francisco Chronicle, Robert Hurwitt wrote, "Stephen Sondheim: boy genius. The second volume in PS Classics' revelatory Sondheim Sings series is in some respects even more intriguing than the first. Where Vol. 1 featured demos from the first decade of his notable shows, Vol. 2 reaches back to his formative years, songs composed for high school and college shows in the '40s as well as failed efforts to break into Broadway in the '50s and a few written just for friends' special occasions. What there is, in profusion, is astonishing evidence of genius in development. From the beginning, the wit is sophisticated and funny, and Sondheim's performances are remarkably assured."

track listing
  1. You're Only as Old as You Look (1955)
  2. Do I Hear a Waltz? (from Do You Hear a Waltz? 1960)
  3. Pour le Sport (from The Last
    , 1956)
  4. Men (from By George, 1946)
  5. Steve Greets Ockie 1 (1943)
  6. What to Do at George School (from By George)
  7. How Do I Know? (from Phinney's Rainbow, 1948)
  8. When I Get Famous (from Climb High, 1952)
  9. A Star Is Born (1954)
  10. I Remember That (from Saturday Night, 1953)
  11. In No Time At All / A Moment with You (from Saturday Night)
  12. New York Song (from The Clock, 1953)
  13. The Girls of Summer (from The Girls of Summer, 1956)
  14. I Wouldn't Change a Thing (from The Last Resorts)
  15. Ten Years Old (from The Fabulous Fifties, 1960)
  16. High Life (from The Last Resorts)
  17. Where Do I Belong? (from Climb High)
  18. Bitterness (from By George) / Steve Greets Ockie 2

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