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This is a two-disc set.

Album Release Date:
 July 2, 2013

what the critics are saying

“I dutifully put on the new Passion so that I could start the review process and found myself listening to the whole thing twice through. Seven times over four days, and 'Is This What You Call Love?' is playing as I sit writing this. I am in a Passion spell.”
– Steven Suskin,

“We're pulled in and our emotions are pulled apart. Nuances are captured, timing so often seems crisply perfect, lines and musical phrases seem to echo and resonate strongly, with an intense theatricality. In [this] 2-CD set, the story in all its angst and glory plays out scene by scene before our ears, the cumulative effect so much more than the sum of its individual parts. For musical theatre fans and Sondheim devotees who respect and admire Passion more than truly getting into it -- and that had included myself -- this new PS Classics / Classic Stage match may push you into embracing it as a real classic.”
– Rob Lester, Talkin' Broadway


2013 New York Cast

"Close enough to singe your soul" is how The New York Times described the new production of PASSION, composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim and bookwriter James Lapine's 1994 Tony Award-winning Best Musical. The Daily News hailed it as "a feast for the eyes and ears," while The Wall Street Journal predicted, "It will be a long time before we see another staging that speaks so eloquently to the mysteries of the human heart. It will move you to the marrow." Directed by the innovative John Doyle, who has been celebrated for his revelatory reinterpretations of Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd and Company, the Classic Stage Company production of PASSION, the first fully-staged New York revival of a work that has grown in both critical and popular esteem to become what many consider to be Sondheim’s deepest and most powerful evening of musical theatre, stars Judy Kuhn as Fosca ("impeccable and compelling" – Associated Press) and Ryan Silverman as Giorgio ("a performance of risk-taking, unconditional emotional commitment" – The New York Times), performing under the baton of Rob Berman to new orchestrations by longtime Sondheim collaborator Jonathan Tunick. The New York Daily News proclaimed “Musical theater scores don’t come more glorious!” Now PS Classics, home to a dozen Sondheim discs, is proud to preserve this new PASSION in an expansive two-disc set.

UPDATE 5/7/13: Rebecca Luker, who played the role of Clara opposite Judy Kuhn in the Kennedy Center's Sondheim Celebration, will be performing the role of Clara on this recording, stepping in for an ailing Melissa Errico.

sound clips

track listing

Disc One:
  1. Happiness
  2. "Ah, Captain Bachetti..."
  3. First Letter
  4. "That's Signora Fosca playing..."
  5. Second Letter
  6. "Don’t be alarmed..."
  7. Third Letter
  8. "Late for breakfast, Captain Bachetti..."
  9. Fourth Letter
  10. I Read
  11. "Some flowers for your room..."
  12. Transition ("How can I describe her?")
  13. Garden Sequence
  14. Transition ("All the time I watched from my room...")
  15. Fifth Letter
  16. "I hope we can still take hands..."
  17. Three Weeks
  18. "Signora Fosca has taken a turn for the worse..."
  19. "I never thought you would come..."
  20. I Wish I Could Forget You

Disc Two:
  1. Soldiers’ Gossip I
  2. Flashback
  3. Sunrise Letter
  4. "Are you running away from me?"
  5. Is This What You Call Love?
  6. Soldiers’ Gossip II
  7. Nightmare
  8. "She was dragging me down..."
  9. Transition ("To feel a woman’s touch...")
  10. Forty Days
  11. "How dare you follow me?!"
  12. Loving You
  13. Soldiers’ Gossip III
  14. Milan
  15. "I’m only staying four days..."
  16. Christmas Music
  17. "Thank you for coming, Captain..."
  18. Farewell Letter
  19. "I discovered this letter at my cousin’s bedside..."
  20. No One Has Ever Loved Me
  21. Duel
  22. Finale

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