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Album Release Date:
 May 1, 2001

what the critics are saying

“Extremely well done, in song selection, performance, and musical quality. Fans of Jerry Moross — and those wishing to discover his work — should be delighted.”

Windflowers is a beautiful album and contains more than enough stunning surprises to warrant purchasing.”
–Talkin' Broadway

The Songs of Jerome Moross

Composer Jerome Moross wrote ballets, film scores and classical works, but his first love was the theatre. "There's always another melody to be written," he would say, and WINDFLOWERS: THE SONGS OF JEROME MOROSS offers delectable proof, with selections from his stage shows Ballet Ballads, The Golden Apple, Underworld, and Gentlemen, Be Seated! most unheard in nearly fifty years. Alice Ripley, Richard Muenz, Jessica Molaskey, Philip Chaffin and Jenny Giering five singers equally at home on Broadway, in cabaret and in the recording studio celebrate an American original, in nineteen selections alternately playful and atmospheric, and always highly melodic.

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track listing
  1. Beer and Flowers (Richard Muenz)
  2. Lazy Afternoon (Jessica Molaskey)
  3. Come Live with Me (Philip Chaffin)
  4. Oh Baby, Gee Baby (Richard Muenz & Jessica Molaskey)
  5. Windflowers (Alice Ripley)
  6. I've Got Me (Philip Chaffin)
  7. Prologue to Underworld (Richard Muenz)
  8. That Extra Bit (Jessica Molaskey)
  9. I've Even Been in Love (Alice Ripley)
  10. Baby's Gonna Shake It (Eric Stern)
  11. It's Almost Time Now (Richard Muenz)
  12. Love Me (Jessica Molaskey)
  13. Fare You Well (Alice Ripley & Philip Chaffin, Jenny Giering & Richard Muenz)
  14. I Can't Remember (Jenny Giering)
  15. It's the Going Home Together (Richard Muenz & Jenny Giering)
  16. Some Day (Alice Ripley)
  17. My Yellow Flower (Jenny Giering)
  18. Ridin' on the Breeze (Philip Chaffin)
  19. Stay with Me (The Company)

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