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Album Release Date:
 March 22, 2005

what the critics are saying

Striking 12 strikes gold! The three magnetic performers that make up GrooveLily blend elements of musical theater with rock, folk and rap into a savory musical stew. Ideal entertainment.”
–LA Times

“This holiday-themed show by the pop trio GrooveLily is an inventive presentation that is part theater piece, part concert, and wholly entertaining.”
–The Philadelphia Inquirer

“'Caution to the Wind' and 'Can't Go Home' are both superbly crafted pop numbers...while the exquisite 'Snow Song' captures the quietly mournful tone of Andersen's fairy tale to perfection.”
–Philadelphia Weekly


Striking 12
The New GrooveLily Musical
A rewired version of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Match Girl

This clever and inventive concert-musical written by Brendan Milburn, Rachel Sheinkin & Valerie Vigoda features the acclaimed New York-based pop-folk-rock trio GrooveLily (Valerie Vigoda, Brendan Milburn and Gene Lewin). Combining honest old-fashioned uplift with a healthy dose of 21st-century skepticism, it tells the tale of an incandescent salesgirl whose holiday spirit can't be matched.

Visit GrooveLily's website at

track listing
  1. Violin Ascension
  2. Overture
  3. "...Thank you very much and welcome..."
  4. Snow Song (It's Coming Down)
  5. "...Our story begins with a man..."
  6. Last Day of the Year
  7. Resolution
  8. "...And so, the man resolves..."
  9. The Sales Pitch
  10. "...but the woman is gone..."
  11. "...It was terribly cold..."
  12. Matches for Sale
  13. Say What?
  14. "...Lights were shining from every window..."
  15. Hey La La
  16. Fine, Fine, Fine
  17. "...She had drawn her little feet under her..."
  18. Can't Go Home
  19. "...Her little hands were almost frozen..."
  20. "...The burning match gave off a warm, bright light..."
  21. Visions in the Matchlight
  22. "...Someone is dying..."
  23. Give the Drummer Some
  24. "...The girl, when we left her..."
  25. Caution to the Wind
  26. Violin Ascension
  27. "...The grandmother took the little girl..."
  28. Screwed-Up People Make Great Art
  29. "...Thank you for the dissertation, pal..."
  30. It's Not All Right
  31. "...Excuse me, little match girl?..."
  32. Snow Song Reprise / First Day of the Year
  33. Encore

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