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On the Twentieth Century

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This album is a two-CD set.

Release Date:
 May 19, 2015

what the critics are saying

“Ridiculously sublime! There are so many reasons to celebrate On the Twentieth Century. Kristin Chenoweth and Peter Gallagher are surfing the stratosphere. Their over-the-moon acting occupies its own special cloud land in heaven. One of the most virtuosic portraits in song ever on Broadway. Sit back, relax and savor.”
–The New York Times

“Dazzling! a merry, madcap, slaphappy musical comedy. This is the show of our dreams! Pure screwball comedy.”

“The Twentieth Century famously gives passengers 'nothing but the best.' This production, fizzy and dizzy entertainment, does likewise. Broadway musical bliss. *****”
–New York Daily News

“4 stars! Fizzy and fabulous. Makes old-fashioned musical comedy magic feel entirely fresh.”
– USA Today

“Sizzling and sumptuous. Kristin Chenoweth is a powerhouse! She soars in a bewitching Broadway return. This musical, manic train ride truly puts the "loco" in locomotion. Madcap, flamboyant and inventive.”
–Associated Press

“4 stars! A non-stop delight. Gloriously revived. Barrels down the tracks to theatrical bliss. They don't write musical comedies like this anymore!”
–New York Post

On the Twentieth Century
New Broadway Cast Recording

"The show of our dreams – a merry, madcap, slaphappy musical comedy" is how Variety hailed ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY in its "sizzling and sumptuous" (Associated Press) 2015 Broadway production, led by Tony and Emmy Award-winner Kristin Chenoweth and Golden Globe-winner and Tony Award nominee Peter Gallagher. While the show garnered five Tony Awards during its original 1978 run, it was only with the opening of this new production that it has come to be celebrated as a classic. The New York Post raved "They don't write musical comedies like this anymore!," while The New York Times cheered, "This production not only retains but also amps up what was good about the original… shining a spotlight on the shrewd silliness and alchemical fizz of Cy Coleman's operetta-style melodies and Comden and Green's giddy gift for showbiz satire." Along with standout supporting performances by Andy Karl, Mark Linn-Baker and Tony Award winners Michael McGrath and Mary Louise Wilson, this production gives audiences the opportunity to bask in the star turns of Gallagher ("flawless and delightfully entertaining" [USA Today]) and Chenoweth, who, "creates one of the most virtuosic portraits in song ever on Broadway" (The New York Times). On the Twentieth Century brims with "the kind of performance that will make those lucky enough to have seen it grin with remembered delight decades after the fact" (The Wall Street Journal), and PS Classics' deluxe two-disc set is a first-class ticket that everyone can enjoy.

sound clips

track listing

Disc One:

  1. Overture
  2. Stranded
  3. Saddle Up the Horse / On the Twentieth Century
  4. "Where's the high priest of the theatre?..."
  5. I Rise Again
  6. "An angel of deliverance..."
  7. Oscar Jaffee / Lily Garland
  8. Indian Maiden's Lament
  9. "What is your name, child?..."
  10. Veronique
  11. Veronique Playoff
  12. I Have Written a Play
  13. Together
  14. Never
  15. "Oscar Jaffee? He meant nothing to me..."
  16. Our Private World
  17. Repent
  18. "Boys, I've got the play..."
  19. Mine
  20. I've Got It Alll

Disc Two:

  1. Entr'acte
  2. Life Is Like a Train
  3. "I have my checkbook right here..."
  4. I Have Written a Play
  5. Five Zeros
  6. I Have Written a Play
  7. "An anthology of womankind..."
  8. Sign, Lily, Sign
  9. She's a Nut
  10. Max Jacobs
  11. "My play by Somerset Maugham..."
  12. Babette
  13. Because of Her
  14. Lily / Oscar
  15. "I had to do it to save you..."
  16. Finale Ultimo

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