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It's Only Life: The New Revue With Music & Lyrics by John Bucchino CD Image

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Album Release Date:
 May 30, 2006

what the critics are saying

“Bucchino possesses a singular voice and an absolute integrity of expression.”
–The New York Times

“Like Sondheim, John writes both music and words with a pen that can pierce the heart.... This is a life-affirming, thought-provoking collection. Applause all around.”
–Talkin' Broadway

“Let's all be grateful for It's Only Life, which not only provides an outlet for the breadth of John Bucchino's singular songwriting but doubles as a great vocal showcase for Brooks Ashmanskas, Andréa Burns, Gavin Creel, Jessica Molaskey, and Billy Porter.”

It's Only Life
A New Musical Revue
Music & Lyrics by John Bucchino

Songwriter John Bucchino’s powerful and uplifting new musical revue features five extraordinary Broadway vocalists – Brooks Ashmanskas, Andréa Burns, Gavin Creel, Jessica Molaskey and Billy Porter – performing a moving collection of both familiar and new compositions. Reviewing the show for The New York Times, Stephen Holden noted that Bucchino “occupies a special niche” among his contemporaries: “[His] flowing, finely made piano ballads describe an urban single life in which relationships come and go in cycles of yearning, fulfillment, heartbreak and healing,” where romantic love is anticipated with “high expectations, high anxiety and open hearts.”

track listing
  1. The Artist at 40 (All)
  2. Unexpressed (Gavin Creel)
  3. Painting My Kitchen (Brooks Ashmanskas)
  4. Sweet Dreams (Jessica Molaskey)
  5. Playbill (Billy Porter)
  6. That Smile (All)
  7. Love Quiz (Andréa Burns)
  8. A Contact High (Gavin Creel)
  9. What You Need (Billy Porter)
  10. When You're Here (Jessica Molaskey)
  11. It Feels Like Home (Gavin Creel)
  12. A Powerful Man (Billy Porter)
  13. I'm Not Waiting (All)
  14. Progression (John Bucchino)
  15. It's Only Life (All)
  16. Love Will Find You in Its Time (Andréa Burns & Gavin Creel)
  17. If I Ever Say I'm Over You (Brooks Ashmanskas)
  18. This Moment (Andréa Burns)
  19. On My Bedside Table (Brooks Ashmanskas)
  20. I've Learned to Let Things Go (Jessica Molaskey)
  21. Taking the Wheel (Gavin Creel & All)
  22. Grateful (Billy Porter)
  23. A Glimpse of the Weave (All)

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