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Album Release Date:
 January 25, 2005

what the critics are saying

“Thoroughly tune heaven”
–Oakland Tribune

–San Francisco Chronicle

“Lively and funny”
–LA Times

“The arrival of the thrillingly recorded PS Classics CD came as a forehead-slapping surprise. This show never stints on energy, wit or humor. Let's hope a production comes our way some day soon.”
–Austin American-Statesman



The Frogs
Original Broadway Cast Recording
Nathan Lane and Roger Bart

As first adapted by Stephen Sondheim and Burt Shevelove from Aristophanes' ancient comedy, THE FROGS received its world premiere at the Yale University swimming pool in 1974 as a one-act musical. Now Sondheim and librettist Nathan Lane (who also heads the cast of twenty-eight actors, singers and dancers) have shaped it into a full-length Broadway production, complete with six new Sondheim songs (plus a host of new lyrics to the old ones).

This original Broadway cast recording of the Lincoln Center Theater production boasts nineteen tracks, plus a 48-page full-color booklet.

track listing
  1. Opening Fanfare (Orchestra)
  2. Invocation and Instructions to the Audience (Nathan Lane, Roger Bart & Chorus)
  3. “We are off on a great mission.” (Nathan Lane, Roger Bart)
  4. I Love to Travel (Nathan Lane, Roger Bart & Chorus)
  5. Dress Big (Burke Moses, Nathan Lane & Roger Bart)
  6. I Love to Travel (reprise) (Nathan Lane, Roger Bart)
  7. All Aboard (John Byner)
  8. On the River Styx (Nathan Lane, Roger Bart)
  9. Ariadne (Nathan Lane, Roger Bart)
  10. The Frogs (Nathan Lane, Roger Bart & Chorus)
  11. Hymn to Dionysos (Nathan Lane, Roger Bart & Chorus)
  12. Hades (Peter Bartlett & Chorus)
  13. It's Only a Play (Nathan Lane, Peter Bartlett & Chorus)
  14. Shaw (Nathan Lane, Daniel Davis & Chorus)
  15. The Contest (Nathan Lane, Daniel Davis, Michael Siberry)
  16. Fear No More (Michael Siberry)
  17. All Aboard (reprise) (John Byner)
  18. Hymn to Dionysos (reprise) (Greek Chorus)
  19. Final Instructions to the Audience (Nathan Lane & Company)

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