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Album Release Date:
 June 8, 2010

what the critics are saying

“A handsome accomplishment!”
–Cabaret Scenes Magazine


“Chameleon Christa inhabits each [song] with a strong streak of optimism frequently radiating through and informing everything. Hers is an ingénue sound, brimming with hope, with feistiness and wryness ready for display. ”
–Talkin' Broadway


“Very few men write as extraordinarily well for women, so Justus made a wise choice by centering her energy and talent on 14 of their songs. The songs span from M&S’s Yale years right up to Take Flight the musical that elevated me to tears when I saw its American premiere last season in Princeton. (While Amelia Earhart’s songs were meant to be specific to the aviatrix, any woman will be able to relate to the sentiment, “I can live with you; I just can’t live through you” and that her lover may “have but not hold.”) Justus has a most mellifluous voice that serves ballads well, but one that can swing – especially on “Dancing All the Time.””

Christa Justus
Throw It to the Wind
The Songs of Maltby & Shire

For over forty years, the Broadway songwriting team of Richard Maltby, Jr.and David Shire has thrilled audiences with musicals like Baby and Big, as well as the classic revues Starting Here, Starting Now and Closer than Ever. Now, Broadway singer-actress Christa Justus (Les Miserables, Titanic, plus Maltby & Shire's Baby and Take Flight) – joined by award-winning composer/arranger Andrew Gerle (Meet John Doe) and backed by some of New York City's hottest jazz musicians – devotes her debut album to bold new arrangements that celebrate and reinvent the Maltby/Shire catalog.

In fourteen selections highlighting Christa's supple, soaring voice and keen dramatic gifts, with songs ranging from the familiar "I Hear Bells" and "I Chose Right" to obscure gems (and featuring a musical appearance by the songwriters themselves), THROW IT TO THE WIND provides a splendid showcase for both Maltby & Shire and for this dazzling new vocalist.

track listing
  1. Dancing All the Time
  2. A Girl You Should Know
  3. Throw It to the Wind
  4. You and the Sky
  5. A Little Bit Off
  6. Stargazer / Stars, Stars, Stars
  7. I Hear Bells
  8. Coffee Black
  9. Life Story
  10. One Step
  11. The Word Is Love
  12. I Chose Right
  13. Autumn
  14. I Wouldn't Go Back

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